Welcome to higgsy.com!

early pic of me using big early mobile phone This is my first web site I doubt you will find anything of interest here. But the hopeful should persevere. Maybe they'll find that little gem somewhere in all the pages.

These are the best pictures of me you'll ever see. Well, web pages are supposed to have images, and be fair, these are pretty good if you're a fan of me

Other stuff to see on this site...


Memories of our little trip to the Côte D' Azur with our long-suffering friends, Tom and Louise


A happy day at our friends, the Davies family. The family Marriotts joined us later and much drinking took place.


See all the bikes and cars I have owned, from the early sixties to the present day. Also interesting to see me change through the years, getting more sophisticated as time progresses.


A selection of pictures of the more photogenic members of my family (and some friends too)


The story of how Stan, my Polish Father-in-law, was transported to a Russian labour camp during the World War II, and his eventual safe arrival in England.

School days

What joy to see me as I was eons ago.


This is the story of my adoption and how I discovered and met my real family.

The Garden

Maria and I work hard on our garden makeover

Major scandal in our village

smelly bins